iSmart Manufacturing is incorporated in 2006. The company is a manufacturer of its full range of iSmart products for Storage, Multimedia, Lifestyle, Audio, PC Accessories and Mobility. As part of the company’s new business development strategy, iSmart Manufacturing has also ventured into Advertising platform in May, 2012. QRMart Magazine is published in May, 2012. It is the Singapore’s first QR code retail magazine.

The vision of iSmart is to be a leading manufacturer in offering consumers latest technological products in IT and lifestyle gadgets. iSmart pride ourselves on excellence in service and product offer. iSmart products are widely distributed in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and rest of South East Asia region.

Where To Buy?

iSmart Manufacturing widely spread the businesses overseas and also local in Singapore. We’re giving our best to help our consumer to look for our products more easily through offline & online platforms. Look out for more places to purchase our products. Check out more..